Everton holding steady in transfer window

With the closing of the transfer window approaching, it’s beginning to appear that Everton will stand pat with their current squad, which is something that I really don’t mind, even with a pair of mediocre performances to open Premier League play.

Due to Everton’s well-known lack of cash, the only way to bring in talent is to get rid of talent, and talks have centered around Yakubu, Joseph Yobo and Steven Pienaar in recent weeks. Without a slam dunk type of player coming in return, I’d much rather hold off a bit, and see what might happen in the winter transfer window, especially considering the injury issues of our not-so-distant past.

I think that’s especially true when it comes to the case of Steven Pienaar, a man who can play where he’s needed in the midfield should the dreaded injury bug return. Even though a long-term deal hasn’t been worked out, it just doesn’t seem like a bright idea to let him go right now, he’s clearly a step up (if not two or three) from his likely replacements in Diniyar Bilyletdinov and Leon Osman, and dropping him could hurt our chances for Europe next season.

Given Pienaar’s comments over the past year, I have a feeling that they’ll get everything worked out eventually. He’s said repeatedly that he loves playing for Everton (etc., etc.) whenever the transfer rumors would arise. Looking at the long-term deals that Jack Rodwell and Mikel Arteta signed this summer, and remembering how long it took to secure the latter, I’ll exercise some patience in the matter.

As far as Yakubu and Yobo are concerned, I’m a bit more ambivalent. I think Yakubu brings some scoring to the table obviously, but much like Yobo, each has experienced rather inconsistent form, so I’m not going to be upset if either hit the road. However, a recent report has both staying at Goodison for the time being.

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