FIFA considering World Cup changes

It appears that FIFA is considering some rule changes for the World Cup next time around. No, not replay or goal line technology (at least not seriously) or more referees. FIFA President Sepp Blatter says that they are considering eliminating ties in group play, either going to a shootout after 90 minutes or adding the “golden goal” overtime.

Golden goal was last used in the 1998 and 2002 World Cup knockout rounds.

My question is why? I mean, the World Cup has some serious problems, but I don’t think anyone really thought it was overtime. People don’t like going to penalty kicks, but that chorus wasn’t that terribly booming. Hell, who could argue about PKs after playing 120 minutes of soccer?

And winners in every match of group play? So altering the very nature of group play in the World Cup is in bounds, but adding officials or goal line technology changes things too much?

Why fix something that is so clearly the best event in the world to begin with? Officiating is the problem. Format is not.

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