Jagielka starts vs. Hungary, credited with own goal

When I post of players competing in international competition, typically I’m aiming for some sort of positive. Especially regarding someone like Toffee standout Phil Jagielka, who was looking to impress in his first cap since early 2009 for the Three Lions.

The 27-year old who recovered fully from a torn ACL earlier this year had fallen out of English boss Fabio Cappello’s plans, but perhaps trying to provide a new look, Jagielka earned a start Wednesday vs. Hungary. Suffice to say, things didn’t go as planned for the player affectionately referred to as “Jags.” After looking like a threat to score early in the match, he gave up a controversial own goal (the replays seemed to indicate the ball had not crossed the goal line).

However, the defender wasn’t discouraged, played a full 90 minutes, and he hopes to receive some consideration when qualifying for Euros 2012 begins in three weeks.

“I was desperate to get back and I’m desperate to stay in.” said Jagielka to the Liverpool Echo. “I probably came back a month too late to really be considered for the World Cup. I’d have loved to have been there but maybe having a break has done me the world of good.”

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