Everton wins over Everton, 2-0

To say this post is significantly late to the party is quite the understatement, but Everton put on a pretty dominant performance earlier this week in their 2-0 win over South American side Everton Chile.

The friendly was the end result of almost a decade of work between the two clubs, which share a unique history. In 1909, Everton (along with London club Tottenham) made a three week trek to South America to play in friendlies against some of the best clubs on the continent. The Blues impressed on the tour, and a young group of Chileans decided to form their own club, and took on the Everton name.

Over one hundred years after the fact, the Toffees took on their Chilean namesake in what truly exemplified a friendly. It was also the first and only match of the preseason at Goodison Park.

Goals from Jermaine Beckford and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov accounted for the scoring, and Maroane Fellaini made his first appearance since getting injured in January.

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