Can we just stop with the unlikely Donovan rumors?

A number of websites, for whatever reason, have brought back the ever-present Landon Donovan-to-Everton rumor that has inspired the imagination of both Everton supporters and American soccer fans since the winger’s three-month loan stint at Goodison last season.

As near as this writer can tell, the only backing for this time around is that Donovan said he’d “love” to return to Everton in an interview following the mLS All-Star Game. Of course, that’s not exactly news to anyone that has followed the saga. I’m assuming the slowness of news in the last week or so coupled with a recent MLS Commish Don Garber interview where he backed off (slightly) from saying that Donovan was indispensable to the league only propelled the rumor further.

The whole thing misses out on one pretty important fact as people continue to forget that Everton just doesn’t have the necessary funds. Donovan’s transfer price is rumored to be in the $10-12 million dollar range. It’s hard to imagine David Moyes having that kind of cash on hand, and the manager has said as much.

Bottom line is that in order for Donovan to permanently join the Toffees, someone would need to be sold off, with the most likely option being Steven Pienaar. As much as I’d love having another American on the roster, I don’t think I’d care for that scenario too terribly much.

Provided that the MLS holds on to Donovan through the end of the season, which seems likely, I think it’s a fairly safe assumption that we’ll see him with the Blues again this winter. If proves successful again, I’d be very surprised to see him stateside next season.

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