Beckham helps push Ronaldinho rumors

Rumors are swirling around the possible addition of Ronaldinho to the L.A. Galaxy. Despite the fact that reports a few days ago said in no uncertain terms that the former FIFA World Player of the Year will be staying in Milan, it now appears that he is on the outs with il Diavolo.

Several reports and rumors have placed the Brazilian with his home country’s Flamengo, but Real Salt Lake owner Dave Cheketts hinted that Ronaldinho is L.A.-bound.

“I expect, by the may, Major League Soccer to make another announcement in the next couple of days about another very big world superstar coming to our league,” said Checketts to KALL 700 radio in his weekly call-in. “I would imagine that this guy is coming to L.A., and you will recognize who he is.”

When asked further if the player mentioned was a Brazilian, Checketts responded, “I think he might be.”

As the story picked up steam throughout the day Friday, another report emerged today that Ronaldinho has been pressed by L.A. Galaxy forward and A.C. Milan teammate David Beckham to join the MLS side.

Personally, I’m not holding my breath, but it would be a major step for Major League Soccer if they could secure the talents of two players at one time considered the best in the world in the span of one week.

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