What We Learned: Chicago 1, Morelia 5

I really don’t feel like talking about that deplorable display by the Chicago Fire Wednesday, but here goes.

Despite the fact that we have developed a recent trend of starting Wilman Conde as a defensive mid (the Columbian is only one of the best central defenders in the MLS), I’ve convinced myself this might have a bit more to do with depth problems than it does awful tactics by Fire coach Carlos de los Cobos. However, I’m starting to wonder how many times the experiment has to fail before we give up on it though.

As I mentioned in last night’s preview, the Fire have encountered a ridiculous stretch of injuries that is only compounded by the fact that Marco Pappa feels like he needs to take even more initiative offensively (he totally doesn’t). Patrick Nyarko, one of the best creators this season, is out after picking up an injury thanks to Frankie Hejduk. Collins John has a mystery stomach ailment, and both John Thorrington and Calen Carr have yet to play a match this year. Dasan Robinson, who has been pretty solid defensively this season, has also been a nipped a bit by injury issue.

That said, last night’s match was simply inexcusable, and I don’t think there’s a way that one could argue de los Cobos has had anything short of a disappointing season to this point. But because I’m a rational person, I refuse to put the total blame of the season on him and Andrew Dykstra (who despite the protests of some Fire fans, hasn’t been that bad in net actually, Wednesday notwithstanding).

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