Rodwell expresses devotion to Everton

When talking about Dan Gosling yesterday, I mentioned the different approach that he had with Jack Rodwell, who chose to extend his stay at Goodison despite a great amount of interest from some of the best clubs in the Premiership. Well, it turns out that Rodwell wasn’t even considering leaving the club he’s been a part of since the age of seven.

“I didn’t have a doubt in my mind,” said the 19-year old in an interview with the Liverpool Echo. “It’s good to get it out of the way so I can focus on the new season, but it was never an issue.”

Contrary to the attitude Gosling had, Rodwell is perfectly fine whether he’s helping off the bench or holding down a starting role. Even better, he’s willing to play a more attacking role or a more defensive role in the midfield. In essence, he told the team he wants to be a Blue for at least the next five years, and he’d do whatever needs to be done in order to help the club.

“Last season was good for me and even if I only feature in a similar way it’s not the end of the world. I’m still playing for a massive club and we’ve got a big squad so I can’t be wanting to start every game.”

That quote exemplifies the difference between Rodwell and Gosling. Like I said yesterday, one loves the idea of a challenge and the other picks up his ball and goes somewhere else.

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