Newly-promoted Blackpool chasing Bradley

Soccer fans in the United States have been expecting a move by Michael Bradley to the Premiership for a couple years, and it appears that the ball may be rolling on such a possibility. The 23-year old who has been subject to interest by Everton over the past couple years is drawing serious interest from newly-promoted Blackpool.

Bradley, who currently is under contract with Borussia Moenchengladbach in the Bundesliga, is planning to capitalize on an impressive run of form in the World Cup, but some fear that the German side’s asking price may be too high. Blackpool hopes to arrange a loan if they can’t purchase the contract outright.

Personally, even with a deep midfield as it is, as an American Everton supporter, I would absolutely love for the Toffees to take a renewed interest in Bradley. Reports say that Moyes is considering other options, which makes sense. Regardless, I hope that if Bradley comes to the Premiership, it will be to a club with somewhat legitimate competitive chances and not one that will likely be in a season-long relegation battle.

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