Gosling breaks deal, joining Newcastle United

I hinted at this the other day, but it appears that young Everton prospect (and occasional hero) Dan Gosling is on his way out, and perhaps heading to newly-promoted Newcastle United on a free transfer.

The 20-year old, who originally came to Merseyside after being sold by Plymouth, decided against a verbal agreement made with Everton’s management and stalled on putting an agreement in writing. Essentially, he played the waiting game and is now a free agent, costing the Blues at least four million pounds that they could’ve made on a transfer.

I understand Gosling’s reluctance to play for Everton considering the sheer amount of talent in the midfield. I get that completely, but it doesn’t make sense to slap the team in the face on the way out, especially considering that the team was far more than supporting of him when he was out for a year with a knee injury.

On the other hand, even if going to Newcastle offered more significant playing time, why would one choose to play for a club that will likely be in a relegation battle over a club managed by one of England’s best at developing young talent?

That’s not to say that Gosling should be the only one worthy of criticism, there is just general bad business to go all around here. Sure, Gosling basically announced to the world that trusting him at his word is unintelligent, but some blame has to be thrown at Everton for not getting pen to paper. One can’t force a guy to sign, but getting an agreement more advanced than a handshake is what separates a lot of decent businesses from great businesses. The ability to close a deal is an important trait to have. Put simply, the Toffees just couldn’t finish (that certainly sounds familiar).

I don’t like reading too much into stories all that much, but one has to question Gosling’s confidence in his own abilities. When faced with the same midfield depth, 19-year old Jack Rodwell decided to extend his deal, taking it as a challenge to get into the starting line-up for Everton. Gosling? Changed his mind and ran as far away as he could manage.

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